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But only now can the full story of how Lord Hattersleys father snatched his mother from her husband can be disclosed. In a new book written by the Labour Partys former deputy leader, he reveals the astonishing family saga that eventually led to his father being excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Lord Hattersleys latest version of how he came into being is altogether racier than a slightly more anodyne tale he first learnt upon his fathers death in 1973. View photos Lord Hattersley with his mother and father on a family holiday in Bridlington 1937 More Lord Hattersley never knew about his fathers past during his lifetime. For years he thought Frederick Hattersley, despite his extraordinary in-depth knowledge of the history of the Catholic Church and the arcane workings of the Vatican, had been a local government clerk or else unemployed. But upon his death, he received a condolence letter from a bishop informing him that his father had been a Catholic priest. Father Hattersley had performed the wedding ceremony. Two weeks later the priest and the bride ran away together. For the next forty-five years they lived in bliss - married after my mothers first husband died in 1956. Lord Hattersley in his book The Catholics At the time Enid Hattersley was married to John OHara, a miner.

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